Navratri Fashion

With Navratri round the corner, there are two things on our minds – WHAT TO WEAR? and NEW GARBA STEPS. Well, we have the solution for you for both the concerns. While you can learn garba dance from online tutorials, our designers have specifically picked out these beautiful outfits for you that you can rock this Navratri and sway that dance. The five most beautiful Gujarati traditional wear that you can try are:

  • Genelia D’souza Kutchi Anarkali: Red, the most attractive color paired with black block printed dupatta and thread embroidery calls it THE DRESS. Just it pair it up like Genelia in silver / oxodised jewelry and you are good to go.

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  • Krystle D’souza Colorful Fusion Anarkali with Pants: Vertical panels with 360 ghera, mirroe embellishments and colorful borders will bring out the garba swag in you. The addition of Mang Tika is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to this look.

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  • Shilpa Shetty’s Colorful Saree with Kutchi Blouse: Kutchi work blouse will do the talking. You can pair it up with any color plain saree and accesories with a kamarbandh /  waist belt and  Voila! You are The Garba Diva…

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  • White And Black Human Figure Lehenga: Human Figure and puppet lehengas are a thing in this garba season, check this one out for your inspiration!

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  • Warina’s Loveyatri Jacket: Jackets are cool weather you wear it in garba or otherwise, they tend to make you look smart and trendy…

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  • Yuvika’s Bold Style Of Sports Wear With Gamthi Lehenga: Something different if you would like to try this navratri, then go sporty with your lehenga. i am sure you would not have tried this but the blouse compliments the lehenga and it looks super cool

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  • White And Colorful Resham Lehenga: Aahhh… this simple and sober white lehenga keeps up with famous  Fashion Mantra of LESS IS MORE!

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  • Mirror Work Blouse, Ruffle Dupatta And Colorful Lehenga: Ruffles are so in trend that you would get lured to have this combination of ruffles and mirrors with gamthi…

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  • Black White Mirror Work Lehenga: Black is the PANTON COLOR OF LIFE! Anything black is always beautiful, paired up with white dupatta and colorful work makes it even more charming

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Well, many of these outfits are multi utility so think out of box and invest in pieces that you can reuse and have a long term relationship with your outfits. LOL!

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 5 Reasons To Always Keep Your Bikini Line Nice And Clean

The summertime is finally here in all its glory. This means frequent trips to the beach, parties, cookouts on weekends and trips to the club with your gang. While all this is fun and games, hygiene in your intimate regions is anything but that. The summer also means greater humidity and heat, which is never good news for both the exposed parts of your body and your intimate region. In all this keeping your bikini line nice and clean becomes really important. So here are the top 5 reasons to consider for keeping your bikini line nice and clean.

Beautiful woman is standing in sexy swimsuit at swimming pool

  1. It is more aesthetically appealing: Picture this, you’ve just entered a bikini shop and a particularly fetching swimsuit has caught your eyes. It is a little skimpy, but what the heck, you’ve been a good girl, you’ve done your Pilates, hit the gym and stuck to your diet, all in anticipation of that first trip to the beach. Then a thought strikes you, what about your bikini line? Don’t let an unruly bikini line stop you from indulging in the bikini of your dreams. With the Tend Skin Solution and Tend Skin Air Shave Gel, ingrown hairs and razor burns will be a thing of the past. Also a clean bikini line is always more appealing. So go on, indulge already!


  1. The heat and sweat issue: The summertime sun can be extremely merciless. Even worse the humidity isn’t a joke either. In times like these, a bikini line with unruly hair, can really get sweaty and itchy. This in turn could cause you serious embarrassment in social situations. Using the right products like the Tend Skin Solution in combination with the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel can really help keeping the bikini line clean and free from sweat and irritation.

Horripilation from the cold on the legs

  1. Don’t let razor bumps put you off: It is true that razor bumps and in part even ingrown hair can be caused by shaving, but that’s hardly a reason you shouldn’t have a clean bikini line. Using the right products to shave in that sensitive area is the key. Exfoliate with the Tend Skin Solution to clean and prepare your bikini line. Shave using the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel for a closer, more protected shave. Finally, use the Tend Skin Solution as an emollient and keep the area free of unsightly razor burns and ingrown hair.

Woman in bikini enjoy laying at tropical beach

  1. Bikinis look that much sexier: This one’s a given. Wearing a bikini with more confidence is a direct result of a shaved, clean bikini line. Think about it; the old adage of sexiness being all in the mind rings true. And let’s face it, the more confident you are, the more appealing you will be to all those eyes upon you!


  1. The sex is that much more amazing: The benefits of shaving your bikini line extend even into the bedroom. A majority of couples have said that a clean bikini line led to a more sexually satisfying romp in the hay (so to speak). Something about the area being that much smoother and softer to the touch apparently gets the old blood pumping, higher arousal and therefore a better experience overall.


We think taking the plunge and shaving your bikini line is definitely the way to go, let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

 Maintaining Good Hygiene On Your Bikini Line Made Easy


The modern woman has a million things to worry about. From being on time to office, to what to wear on a date, to the beach and everything in between. In all this, body hair, especially on the bikini line can cause a major headache. So how does one manage good hygiene on the bikini line? Well don’t fret at all, at Shama’s Collection, we are all about making life that much simpler for women, and so today we bring you a few expert tips on managing the bikini line and keeping it healthy and hygienic.


A healthy and hygienic bikini line is a matter of 5 easy steps.


Step 1: Wash with warm water and cleanse

According to most dermatologists, the best way to begin your cleansing routine is with warm water. Warm water helps open the pores of the skin and helps the skin breathe.


Step 2: Exfoliate as often as possible

Exfoliating your bikini line with an agent like the Tend Skin Solution is an easy and efficient way of keeping it healthy, clean and hygienic. Exfoliating regularly helps rid the bikini area of dirt and grime, stimulates the sebum cells under the skin and keeps the area adequately moisturized as well. The Tend Skin Solution, used judiciously a couple of times every week is an excellent addition to your bikini line’s hygiene routine.

1-Woman Shaving2

Step 3: Shave wisely

Choose the Tend Skin Solution to prepare the bikini line before you shave. Never use a man’s shaving cream as your skin in this region is especially sensitive. Use the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel for best results. Never forget to use the Tend Skin Formula as an emollient in order to disinfect the area and keep it protected for weeks after a shave.

1-Ingrown Hair2

Step 4: Protect yourself from ingrown hair

The bikini line is extremely sensitive and is prone to ingrown hair. Ingrown hair follicles are those that grow incorrectly, or grown backwards and puncture the skin. They give the skin an inflamed appearance and can cause redness, which is unsightly. Ingrown hair can be prevented by shaving carefully and exfoliating regularly. The Tend Skin Solution needs to be used a couple of times every week in order to keep the bikini line pampered and protected.


Step 5: When in doubt seek professional help

If you prefer waxing to shaving, because it yields better results, but are unsure on how to wax, always go in for an expert’s opinion. Never go DIY when you are unsure of how to do it, because you are risking a particularly sensitive portion of your body if you do. Also if you notice an unusual rash, redness or any sort of inconsistency with the skin of your bikini line, you should contact your doctor immediately in order to allay any fears or doubts.


Following these 5 easy tips will ensure that your bikini line is healthy, beautiful and hygienic always.

4 Awesome Benefits Of Body Hair Removal


We start this post with an advisory: Body hair removal, whether through shaving, waxing, tweezing or electrolysis/laser is an intensely personal choice. Shama’s Collection, neither endorses, nor condones one method of hair removal or another. We believe that all women are beautiful, regardless of their choice of hair removal (or not).


There are those that will defend hair removal, and those that will condemn it as an act of conformity. There are those who will tell you horror stories about waxing and others who will praise it to the high heavens, at Shama’s Collection, we are all about helping you make an informed decision, and that’s precisely what this post is intended to do. So today let us give you an insight into some surprising health benefits of body hair removal, as reported by some women in conversation with friends.


A definite drop in pubic region/bikini area irritation

Pubic hair can tend to trap moisture and dirt, often times making it a messy, sweaty affair. Shaving pubic hair can often times help in reducing the issues women have with sweat and irritation and this is one of the most pertinent benefits of body hair removal. Shaving is a great way to ensure that dirt and grime do not cause rashes and itches. One must only be careful before, during and after a shave. Use an exfoliate like the Tend Skin Liquid to cleanse the area in question. shaving the area, rely on a more comprehensive product like the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel, for a complete, protected shave. After the shave, never forget to cleanse and protect the area with the Tend Skin Solution to avoid razor burns and ingrown hair.

Attractive happy woman joying in beautiful summer day.

Wearing sleeveless and backless clothes is definitely easier.

Underarm hair is not always a welcome sight, especially when you’re wearing sleeveless tops and backless dresses. A lot of women refrain from wearing sleeveless clothes, tank tops and bikinis because of excessive hair growth and lack of knowledge of how to remove said hair; or simply for the fear of ingrown hair or razor bumps. While fears of shaving or waxing/tweezing are not unfounded, the Tend Skin Solution further helps you keep the area free of razor burns and ingrown hair follicles with regular use over time.

allergic rash dermatitis skin of patient

Reduction in yeast infections.

While there is no scientific evidence to correlate a direct relationship between intimate area shaving and yeast infections, many women have reported that the incidence of these infections have been significantly lower with regular shaving and maintenance of hygiene. Tend Skin Solution, plays an important role in the hygiene factor, as it exfoliates before and cleanses and keeps up the hygiene of the area, after the shave, and with every use.


Increased sensation.

Removing body hair exposes the skin underneath to the elements and increases sensitivity in the shaved area. An increase in sensitivity in these regions, also means greater stimulation and tactile pleasure during sexua activity. In order to keep the skin protected after shaving however, it is important to use the Tend Skin Solution in order to protect it and leave it feeling and retaining the sensitivity for a longer period of time.


With such benefits to shaving or body hair removal, it is little wonder that so many women are switching over to a fresher, daintier look every single day.

10 Ways To Make Waxing A Less Painful Experience

Waxing is one of those things that by its very definition is a ‘necessary evil’. With the summers around the corner, waxing your bikini area is almost a given. Waxing can often be a painful affair and even though over time, your skin gets used to the sensation, wouldn’t it be nice if the entire process of waxing were a wee bit less painful altogether? Well this time around allow us to share with you 10 tips that are meant to ease the pain of waxing and help you manage it better.


  1. Take a warm bath before waxing: Just like before a shave, a warm bath helps relax the muscles and open the pores on the skin, making them more pliable and flexible. This enables the warm wax to spread evenly and results in a smoother pulling motion, which in turn minimises the sensation of pain.

  1. Exfoliate before a wax: Very often particulates like dust, pollen and others can make themselves at home on the skin, especially in the armpits and the bikini area. What this does is that while waxing, these get entangled in the hair and can cause pain and irritation. A gentle exfoliant, like the Tend Skin Liquid rids the area to be waxed of all these particulates and makes waxing a smooth, hassle free experience.

  1. Get waxed by an expert: YouTube seems to have made experts out of us all and very often we follow these ‘DIY’ videos to do things for ourselves. The same should never be followed for a wax, simply because no amount of ‘YouTube’ awesomeness will make you an expert. Spend a little extra but always use the services of a reliable expert, as it is matter of your sensitive skin and intimate region.


  1. When going in for a Brazilian, ask for cool wax: The thing is that the pubic region (for obvious reasons) is a lot more sensitive than skin anywhere else on your body. So what actually may feel equable on your palms or hands, will actually feel HOT on your pubic region. So as a rule of thumb, cold wax is best for a Brazilian.


  1. Trim your hair before the wax: Remember that the denser your pubic hair, the harder it is for the wax to grip it, and the greater the amount of force needed to yank off the strip. In order to avoid this, simply trim your hair before going in for a waxing procedure.

  1. Avoid waxing over irritated skin: Sometimes your skin (even in your intimate regions) gets a wee bit irritated. These irritations manifest themselves in the shape of outbreaks, sores and boils. If at any point in time you notice an outbreak on your skin, waxing should be the last thing on your mind. Postpone your plans and wait for the outbreak to clear out before you go in for the procedure.


  1. Don’t wax while undergoing skin treatments: Dermatologists agree that waxing during skin treatments like lightening or anti-ageing can cause severe damage to your skin, especially in your pubic regions. So if you’re on a course of medications, both oral and topical, avoiding a wax is probably a very good idea.


  1. Never wax during your period: When you’re on your menstrual cycle, it is best to give your monthly waxing appointment a miss. Your skin is in an especially sensitive zone due to the presence of hormones and any irritation can cause more harm than good. So get yourself waxed after your periods.


  1.  Moisturize after waxing: Remember that freshly waxed skin is vulnerable and needs extra moisturization. We recommend Moroccan Sands Natural Butter Cream for best moisturisation.


Waxing isn’t the most pleasant of processes but it is an extremely important one, especially if you are looking to enjoy your bikini. Some of our products will definitely help you make the process of waxing a lot simpler and that much less of a chore.

Things to know before you commit to Electrolysis

depilation in a medicine room

Hair removal can be quite the tricky business for a woman and you can explore several methods of it, with varied amounts of success. Shaving can cause razor burns at the very least, folliculitis or ingrown hair in the worst cases. Waxing is painful and can’t be something you resort to in a hurry. Chemical epilation isn’t for everyone and can cause lasting skin damage. The only ‘permanent’ FDA approved treatment for permanent (or semi-permanent) hair removal therefore is electrolysis, or laser hair removal. While this may seem like a good bet, there are a few things you need to know about electrolysis, before committing to it. So without further ado, here are the things you need to know.


  1. How does electrolysis work?

Electrolysis as a process works by inserting a tiny needle into the root of the hair follicle and using a mild current to kill it. This ensures that the root itself dies and cannot regenerate. The hair on the surface then is removed by the aesthetician with a pair of tweezers.


  1. Does it hurt?

While electrolysis is often advertised as a pain free alternative to waxing, in reality, the fact of the matter is that it does hurt, not AS much as waxing, but you do feel a slight twinge of pain. People have described it as the sensation of a rubber band being dragged over the skin.


  1. What does it cost?

Electrolysis isn’t a one time procedure and therefore it is a more expensive proposition, especially because of the time it takes and the service provider’s cost. An average electrolysis treatment costs anywhere between several hundred to a thousand dollars. It is an investment in both time and money, as the treatments can run to anywhere between a few month to a year or so.


  1. What to look for in an electrologist?

Electrolysis is a medical procedure and a regulating body,  the ‘American Electrology Association’ is considered to be the authority on the subject. Like with any medical practitioner, it is best to cross reference your electrologist accreditation with the AEA before committing to a procedure. Years of experience and recommendations from friends and family are also welcome ways of finding out more about the person in question.


  1. How should you prepare for an appointment?

In order to prepare you for the procedure, the electrologist will give you a few basic do’s and don’ts in addition to which the following things will need to be kept in mind before an appointment.

  • Applying  Tend Skin before electrolysis will help protect the skin during the procedure.
  • No sun exposure for at least 24 hours
  • No caffeine or alcohol on the day of the appointment
  • No using any moisturiser or product on your skin before the procedure
  • It is best to consume a painkiller like Ibuprofen an hour before the procedure


  1. What do you need to do after a procedure?

In general after the procedure your skin will feel tender to the touch and as such it is best to give it the time it needs to recuperate. So these tips on aftercare will definitely come in handy.

  •  Apply Tend Skin after electrolysis to calm the skin and reduce the redness within minutes.
  • A medicated cream or moisturiser may be prescribed
  • No sun exposure for 2-3 days
  • Avoid using perfumes for a couple of days
  • Stay away from makeup for a few days


So now that you know all that is there to know about electrolysis, you can make an informed decision about whether or not the procedure is for you.




What is Ingrown Hair?

If there’s one thing about shaving that freaks any woman out, it is definitely ingrown hair and razor burns. They are itchy, look ugly and simply irritate the daylights out of you. But what are ingrown hair and razor burns and what can you do to prevent them. Today let’s deal with this red flag and understand the causes, effects and treatment for this skin annoyance.



  1. What are ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair is a common skin condition where hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin. This condition may or may not be accompanied by the inflammation of the hair follicle. Medically speaking this condition is called pseudofolliculitis barbae and is most common in men who frequently shave in the facial region. Ingrown hair in women is caused by frequent intimate area shaving and is termed as pseudofolliculitis pubis. While shaving is the most common reason for ingrown hair, plucking and waxing are also leading causes of the condition.



  1. What causes ingrown hair?

As stated earlier, ingrown hair are caused by improper or careless shaving. This can happen especially in the case of intimate area shaves, as the hair that grows in this region is curlier than hair that grows on other parts of the body. The problem occurs when the curly hair begins to regrow following the shave. Curly hair tends to curl into the skin as opposed to straight out of the follicle. This can cause the spot to get inflamed and a bump is formed over the area, which can often get infected. The infected part could start oozing pus if not tended to properly.




  1. How does one prevent ingrown hair?

The best way to prevent ingrown hair is to be careful when shaving, waxing, tweezing or electrolyzing the bikini area. Using a specifically designed razor, a warm washcloth to soak and moisten the bikini area, exfoliating with the Tend Skin Liquid regularly and of course using the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel for shaving and the Tend Skin Liquid as an after shave agent will help in minimizing and eliminating ingrown hair altogether.


Young woman shaving her legs in bath.

  1. What are a few things to keep in mind when shaving?

There are a number of things you should keep in mind when shaving.


A gorgeous skin is subject to a careful shave and using the right product makes all the difference. Remember this and you will have the most awesome date nights! Also don’t forget to comment and let us know how well did our tips work for you.

How To Properly Shave Your Bikini Line?

While the bikini is an itsy-bitsy garment, preparing to wear one can be quite a pain, quite literally. Prepping your bikini line can be both a challenge and a nightmare. So before you go bananas trying to figure out how to keep those intimate areas summer ready, here are a few tips to help you shave your bikini line, without any hassles.

1.Choose the right razor: The skin around your bikini line is extremely sensitive and therefore choosing a razor specifically for that region is a good idea. One helpful tip: choose a razor with a lubricating strip designed specifically for the sensitive regions of your body.



2.Trim the region with a pair of scissors: If you’ve decided to go with a nude look, you will first want to use a pair of scissors to trim the hair in the bikini region to some extent, as this makes shaving the area an easier affair. Trimming the line before shaving actually helps reduce razor burns and bumps.


3. Run yourself a warm bath/or linger under a hot shower a while: 5 to 10 minutes in a warm bath or shower will moisten the area and expand your skin, making the process of shaving that much easier and your skin less prone to bumps and bruises resulting from the process.

Horizontal view of lady taking a shower


4. Always remember to exfoliate the area: Exfoliation simply means using a slightly abrasive material to rid your bikini line of any particles that could cause burns, on contact with the razor. Use a gentle exfoliating agent, like the Tend Skin Liquid on the area and wash it off with warm water. This primes the area for a thorough, gentle shave.


Tend Skin

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5. The shaving cream question: So here’s where borrowing your man’s shaving foam is a bad idea. Choosing a shaving product that is specifically designed to minimize razor burns on your intimate areas is the way to go. Use the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel for maximum comfort and a closer shave, with little to no chance of any razor burns and unsightly red patches.



Tend Skin Air Shave Gel

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6. Shave in the direction of the hair growth: Before you begin the shave take a good look at your bikini area and determine which direction the hair grows. Shave in the same direction as it helps avoid razor burns and ingrown hair, with those unsightly red bumps.


7. Do NOT apply pressure: When you shave this sensitive area of your body resist the temptation of putting additional pressure on the razor handle. Let the blades do their work, unnecessary pressure will cause the skin to become entangled in the razor and cause breakage and cuts.

Closeup on young woman shaving armpitTend Skin

8. Apply more shaving cream if required: If at any time during the shaving process, you feel any sort of friction, do NOT hesitate to apply more shaving cream.


9. Change your razor frequently: A good rule of thumb is every 3-4 shaves, change your razor. The older the razor gets, the higher the likelihood of razor bumps.


10. Exfoliate regularly, especially when the stubble starts to show: Stubble is unsightly and prickly, but using an exfoliating liquid like the Tend Skin Liquid helps manage the sensation of prickliness much better.


11. Be wise, moisturise: Another way to ensure that your freshly shaved skin is soft and nourished is to use a moisturiser.



Morrocan Sands Natural Body Butter Cream

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12. Only wear cotton underwear: Remember, shaved skin is soft and vulnerable, so immediately after a shave, it is advisable to wear soft, natural fibres like cotton in order to protect the area and keep it free of razor burns and bumps.


With these handy tips, you will be able to enjoy that two piece with confidence and in style!

Our top picks for DIWALI

Diwali is one such festival where you flaunt your DESI look in the parties, functions and get-to-gathers. Here is our take on what is the best style and latest trend for Diwali that you should try. We at Shama’s Collection always look forward to provide you with the best of the best.


If you decide to choose the hall mark attire of Indian functions i.e. lengha. Go fo something like this which Hansika Motwani is wearing, a  yellow lengha… Cool and cute yellow will make you stand out of the crowd.


If you by chance end up choosing the nationl attire i.e. saree for this DIWALI, make sure to spice it up with a fringe blouse like Natasha Poonawala. Lately i have been following her trends and she nails it almost every time.


Since girls these days prefer gowns over other dress styles, here is our favourite for you. Hansika Motwani again, wearing a COLD SHOULDER gown from Anushree Reddy Collection. Its just very smart choice which will certainly make you look chic.


Sana Khan is one another celebrity we have been chasing for fashion trends, she have awed us many times now and that’s why we would suggest you this lavender cutout anarkali donned by her.


No fashionista mom would forget her little princess when its about clothes and Diwali. We recommend this beautiful peplum lehenga set for your little one. I am sure she will love her mommy after receiving this as a gift from you.


Get bold by trying this lehenga and long kurta style this Diwali. Simple, ethnic and of course DIFFERENT. Dia Mirza looks perfectly beautiful in this outfit. Awwww!!!! Peach is such an adorable color.


Tulsi Kumar has stunned us with her singing and now she is doing it with her style. Her choice of this cape lehenga is worth considering while buying outfits this Diwali.

What do you think of their outfits and our picks for this festive season? Do let us know in the comments below.

Also you can get all of these inspired outfits here at Shama’s Collection.

Message us now for price inquiries.

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5 celebrity quotes on body hair that will surprise and dismay you!

Living with body hair is a challenging thing. Hair growth varies from individual to individual and as such is a touchy subject. Well ladies, you’re not alone, because even the movers and shakers in H-town are just like you, in fact being in the public spotlight all the time, the stress of body hair is that much more on each and every one on them. So we at Shama’s Collection, today decided to share our favourite celebrity quotes on body hair, that will surprise, amuse, and even shock you.



Eva Longoria: The ‘Desperate Housewives’ stunner is a huge advocate of Brazilian waxing and in her own words (from Cosmopolitan), “A woman should try a Brazilian wax at least once. The sex she’ll have after, is what will keep her coming back for more!” A little too much info, wouldn’t you say?




BEVERLY HILLS - OCTOBER 30: Jennifer Love Hewitt at The Museum of Television & Radio's Annual Los Angeles Gala at Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on October 30, 2006 in Beverly Hills, CA.Jennifer Love-Hewitt: The ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ seductress apparently found that getting over a man, was only a matter of shaving her bikini line, with a little help from Swarovski crystals, “After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady, and it shined like a disco ball.” (Lopez Tonight)




1-jennifer-lopez-dances-with-her-kids-in-christmas-eve-photosJennifer Lopez: Jenny from the Bronx, unlike her Latina counterpart Eva Longoria, hates waxing, because she has to depend on others to do it for her, in her opinion, “I don’t love waxing. I just don’t like everybody … up in the business, you know what I mean? I shave everywhere; the only thing I wax is my eyebrows. It’s torture plucking the hairs out one by one.” (Allure)



TORONTO - SEPTEMBER 14: Actress Cameron Diaz attends the gala premiere of "In Her Shoes" at Roy Thomson Hall on September 14, 2005 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)Cameron Diaz: The ‘Knight & Day’ star believes that personal grooming is a you’re choice, but her personal preference is to lose it all at one go. On the Graham Norton Show she had this to say, “”I don’t care what women do with it but we should be informed … It is there for a reason and to laser it off is to lose it forever! … I believe in grooming. Grooming is my preference.”




Kim Kardashian: Being Armenian by descent she says she doesn’t have a choice and electrolysis is a life choice she’s more than happy to make! “”I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms … my entire body is hairless.” (Allure)




So ladies, there you have it, when it comes to obsessing about which is the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair, you aren’t alone, even the ones you idolize and want to be like have their own preferences. The only thing you need to keep in mind before, shaving or waxing however is to use the Tend Skin Solution to exfoliate the region in question. If you prefer shaving, use the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel for a closer, more protected shave. After shaving, always use the Tend Skin Solution to protect and keep the area free of razor burns or ingrown hair.

Tend Skin

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