10 Ways To Make Waxing A Less Painful Experience

Mar 31 , 2021


Shama Bhayani

10 Ways To Make Waxing A Less Painful Experience

Waxing is one of those things that by its very definition is a ‘necessary evil’. With the summers around the corner, waxing your bikini area is almost a given. Waxing can often be a painful affair and even though over time, your skin gets used to the sensation, wouldn’t it be nice if the entire process of waxing were a wee bit less painful altogether? Well this time around allow us to share with you 10 tips that are meant to ease the pain of waxing and help you manage it better.

  1. Take a warm bath before waxing: Just like before a shave, a warm bath helps relax the muscles and open the pores on the skin, making them more pliable and flexible. This enables the warm wax to spread evenly and results in a smoother pulling motion, which in turn minimises the sensation of pain.
  1. Exfoliate before a wax: Very often particulates like dust, pollen and others can make themselves at home on the skin, especially in the armpits and the bikini area. What this does is that while waxing, these get entangled in the hair and can cause pain and irritation. A gentle exfoliant, like the Tend Skin Liquid rids the area to be waxed of all these particulates and makes waxing a smooth, hassle free experience.
  1. Get waxed by an expert: YouTube seems to have made experts out of us all and very often we follow these ‘DIY’ videos to do things for ourselves. The same should never be followed for a wax, simply because no amount of ‘YouTube’ awesomeness will make you an expert. Spend a little extra but always use the services of a reliable expert, as it is matter of your sensitive skin and intimate region.
  1. When going in for a Brazilian, ask for cool wax: The thing is that the pubic region (for obvious reasons) is a lot more sensitive than skin anywhere else on your body. So what actually may feel equable on your palms or hands, will actually feel HOT on your pubic region. So as a rule of thumb, cold wax is best for a Brazilian.
  1. Trim your hair before the wax: Remember that the denser your pubic hair, the harder it is for the wax to grip it, and the greater the amount of force needed to yank off the strip. In order to avoid this, simply trim your hair before going in for a waxing procedure.
  1. Avoid waxing over irritated skin: Sometimes your skin (even in your intimate regions) gets a wee bit irritated. These irritations manifest themselves in the shape of outbreaks, sores and boils. If at any point in time you notice an outbreak on your skin, waxing should be the last thing on your mind. Postpone your plans and wait for the outbreak to clear out before you go in for the procedure.
  1. Don’t wax while undergoing skin treatments: Dermatologists agree that waxing during skin treatments like lightening or anti-ageing can cause severe damage to your skin, especially in your pubic regions. So if you’re on a course of medications, both oral and topical, avoiding a wax is probably a very good idea.
  1. Never wax during your period: When you’re on your menstrual cycle, it is best to give your monthly waxing appointment a miss. Your skin is in an especially sensitive zone due to the presence of hormones and any irritation can cause more harm than good. So get yourself waxed after your periods.
  1.  Moisturize after waxing: Remember that freshly waxed skin is vulnerable and needs extra moisturization. We recommend Moroccan Sands Natural Butter Cream for best moisturisation.

Waxing isn’t the most pleasant of processes but it is an extremely important one, especially if you are looking to enjoy your bikini. Some of our products will definitely help you make the process of waxing a lot simpler and that much less of a chore.

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