4 Awesome Benefits Of Body Hair Removal

Mar 31 , 2021


Shama Bhayani

4 Awesome Benefits Of Body Hair Removal

We start this post with an advisory: Body hair removal, whether through shaving, waxing, tweezing or electrolysis/laser is an intensely personal choice. Shama's Collection, neither endorses, nor condones one method of hair removal or another. We believe that all women are beautiful, regardless of their choice of hair removal (or not). There are those that will defend hair removal, and those that will condemn it as an act of conformity. There are those who will tell you horror stories about waxing and others who will praise it to the high heavens, at Shama's Collection, we are all about helping you make an informed decision, and that’s precisely what this post is intended to do. So today let us give you an insight into some surprising health benefits of body hair removal, as reported by some women in conversation with friends. A definite drop in pubic region/bikini area irritation Pubic hair can tend to trap moisture and dirt, often times making it a messy, sweaty affair. Shaving pubic hair can often times help in reducing the issues women have with sweat and irritation and this is one of the most pertinent benefits of body hair removal. Shaving is a great way to ensure that dirt and grime do not cause rashes and itches. One must only be careful before, during and after a shave. Use an exfoliate like the Tend Skin Liquid to cleanse the area in question. shaving the area, rely on a more comprehensive product like the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel, for a complete, protected shave. After the shave, never forget to cleanse and protect the area with the Tend Skin Solution to avoid razor burns and ingrown hair. Wearing sleeveless and backless clothes is definitely easier. Underarm hair is not always a welcome sight, especially when you’re wearing sleeveless tops and backless dresses. A lot of women refrain from wearing sleeveless clothes, tank tops and bikinis because of excessive hair growth and lack of knowledge of how to remove said hair; or simply for the fear of ingrown hair or razor bumps. While fears of shaving or waxing/tweezing are not unfounded, the Tend Skin Solution further helps you keep the area free of razor burns and ingrown hair follicles with regular use over time. Reduction in yeast infections. While there is no scientific evidence to correlate a direct relationship between intimate area shaving and yeast infections, many women have reported that the incidence of these infections have been significantly lower with regular shaving and maintenance of hygiene. Tend Skin Solution, plays an important role in the hygiene factor, as it exfoliates before and cleanses and keeps up the hygiene of the area, after the shave, and with every use. Increased sensation. Removing body hair exposes the skin underneath to the elements and increases sensitivity in the shaved area. An increase in sensitivity in these regions, also means greater stimulation and tactile pleasure during sexua activity. In order to keep the skin protected after shaving however, it is important to use the Tend Skin Solution in order to protect it and leave it feeling and retaining the sensitivity for a longer period of time. With such benefits to shaving or body hair removal, it is little wonder that so many women are switching over to a fresher, daintier look every single day.

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