How To Properly Shave Your Bikini Line?

Mar 31 , 2021


Shama Bhayani

How To Properly Shave Your Bikini Line?

While the bikini is an itsy-bitsy garment, preparing to wear one can be quite a pain, quite literally. Prepping your bikini line can be both a challenge and a nightmare. So before you go bananas trying to figure out how to keep those intimate areas summer ready, here are a few tips to help you shave your bikini line, without any hassles. 1.Choose the right razor: The skin around your bikini line is extremely sensitive and therefore choosing a razor specifically for that region is a good idea. One helpful tip: choose a razor with a lubricating strip designed specifically for the sensitive regions of your body. 2.Trim the region with a pair of scissors: If you’ve decided to go with a nude look, you will first want to use a pair of scissors to trim the hair in the bikini region to some extent, as this makes shaving the area an easier affair. Trimming the line before shaving actually helps reduce razor burns and bumps. 3. Run yourself a warm bath/or linger under a hot shower a while: 5 to 10 minutes in a warm bath or shower will moisten the area and expand your skin, making the process of shaving that much easier and your skin less prone to bumps and bruises resulting from the process. 4. Always remember to exfoliate the area: Exfoliation simply means using a slightly abrasive material to rid your bikini line of any particles that could cause burns, on contact with the razor. Use a gentle exfoliating agent, like the Tend Skin Liquid on the area and wash it off with warm water. This primes the area for a thorough, gentle shave.

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5. The shaving cream question: So here’s where borrowing your man’s shaving foam is a bad idea. Choosing a shaving product that is specifically designed to minimize razor burns on your intimate areas is the way to go. Use the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel for maximum comfort and a closer shave, with little to no chance of any razor burns and unsightly red patches.

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6. Shave in the direction of the hair growth: Before you begin the shave take a good look at your bikini area and determine which direction the hair grows. Shave in the same direction as it helps avoid razor burns and ingrown hair, with those unsightly red bumps.   7. Do NOT apply pressure: When you shave this sensitive area of your body resist the temptation of putting additional pressure on the razor handle. Let the blades do their work, unnecessary pressure will cause the skin to become entangled in the razor and cause breakage and cuts. 8. Apply more shaving cream if required: If at any time during the shaving process, you feel any sort of friction, do NOT hesitate to apply more shaving cream.   9. Change your razor frequently: A good rule of thumb is every 3-4 shaves, change your razor. The older the razor gets, the higher the likelihood of razor bumps.   10. Exfoliate regularly, especially when the stubble starts to show: Stubble is unsightly and prickly, but using an exfoliating liquid like the Tend Skin Liquid helps manage the sensation of prickliness much better.   11. Be wise, moisturise: Another way to ensure that your freshly shaved skin is soft and nourished is to use a moisturiser.

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12. Only wear cotton underwear: Remember, shaved skin is soft and vulnerable, so immediately after a shave, it is advisable to wear soft, natural fibres like cotton in order to protect the area and keep it free of razor burns and bumps. With these handy tips, you will be able to enjoy that two piece with confidence and in style!

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