Maintaining Good Hygiene On Your Bikini Line Made Easy

Mar 31 , 2021


Shama Bhayani

 Maintaining Good Hygiene On Your Bikini Line Made Easy

The modern woman has a million things to worry about. From being on time to office, to what to wear on a date, to the beach and everything in between. In all this, body hair, especially on the bikini line can cause a major headache. So how does one manage good hygiene on the bikini line? Well don’t fret at all, at Shama's Collection, we are all about making life that much simpler for women, and so today we bring you a few expert tips on managing the bikini line and keeping it healthy and hygienic. A healthy and hygienic bikini line is a matter of 5 easy steps. Step 1: Wash with warm water and cleanse According to most dermatologists, the best way to begin your cleansing routine is with warm water. Warm water helps open the pores of the skin and helps the skin breathe. Step 2: Exfoliate as often as possible Exfoliating your bikini line with an agent like the Tend Skin Solution is an easy and efficient way of keeping it healthy, clean and hygienic. Exfoliating regularly helps rid the bikini area of dirt and grime, stimulates the sebum cells under the skin and keeps the area adequately moisturized as well. The Tend Skin Solution, used judiciously a couple of times every week is an excellent addition to your bikini line’s hygiene routine. Step 3: Shave wisely Choose the Tend Skin Solution to prepare the bikini line before you shave. Never use a man’s shaving cream as your skin in this region is especially sensitive. Use the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel for best results. Never forget to use the Tend Skin Formula as an emollient in order to disinfect the area and keep it protected for weeks after a shave. Step 4: Protect yourself from ingrown hair The bikini line is extremely sensitive and is prone to ingrown hair. Ingrown hair follicles are those that grow incorrectly, or grown backwards and puncture the skin. They give the skin an inflamed appearance and can cause redness, which is unsightly. Ingrown hair can be prevented by shaving carefully and exfoliating regularly. The Tend Skin Solution needs to be used a couple of times every week in order to keep the bikini line pampered and protected.   Step 5: When in doubt seek professional help If you prefer waxing to shaving, because it yields better results, but are unsure on how to wax, always go in for an expert’s opinion. Never go DIY when you are unsure of how to do it, because you are risking a particularly sensitive portion of your body if you do. Also if you notice an unusual rash, redness or any sort of inconsistency with the skin of your bikini line, you should contact your doctor immediately in order to allay any fears or doubts. Following these 5 easy tips will ensure that your bikini line is healthy, beautiful and hygienic always.

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