5 Reasons To Always Keep Your Bikini Line Nice And Clean

Mar 31 , 2021


Shama Bhayani

 5 Reasons To Always Keep Your Bikini Line Nice And Clean

The summertime is finally here in all its glory. This means frequent trips to the beach, parties, cookouts on weekends and trips to the club with your gang. While all this is fun and games, hygiene in your intimate regions is anything but that. The summer also means greater humidity and heat, which is never good news for both the exposed parts of your body and your intimate region. In all this keeping your bikini line nice and clean becomes really important. So here are the top 5 reasons to consider for keeping your bikini line nice and clean.

  1. It is more aesthetically appealing: Picture this, you’ve just entered a bikini shop and a particularly fetching swimsuit has caught your eyes. It is a little skimpy, but what the heck, you’ve been a good girl, you’ve done your Pilates, hit the gym and stuck to your diet, all in anticipation of that first trip to the beach. Then a thought strikes you, what about your bikini line? Don’t let an unruly bikini line stop you from indulging in the bikini of your dreams. With the Tend Skin Solution and Tend Skin Air Shave Gel, ingrown hairs and razor burns will be a thing of the past. Also a clean bikini line is always more appealing. So go on, indulge already!
  1. The heat and sweat issue: The summertime sun can be extremely merciless. Even worse the humidity isn’t a joke either. In times like these, a bikini line with unruly hair, can really get sweaty and itchy. This in turn could cause you serious embarrassment in social situations. Using the right products like the Tend Skin Solution in combination with the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel can really help keeping the bikini line clean and free from sweat and irritation.
  1. Don’t let razor bumps put you off: It is true that razor bumps and in part even ingrown hair can be caused by shaving, but that’s hardly a reason you shouldn’t have a clean bikini line. Using the right products to shave in that sensitive area is the key. Exfoliate with the Tend Skin Solution to clean and prepare your bikini line. Shave using the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel for a closer, more protected shave. Finally, use the Tend Skin Solution as an emollient and keep the area free of unsightly razor burns and ingrown hair.
  1. Bikinis look that much sexier: This one’s a given. Wearing a bikini with more confidence is a direct result of a shaved, clean bikini line. Think about it; the old adage of sexiness being all in the mind rings true. And let’s face it, the more confident you are, the more appealing you will be to all those eyes upon you!
  1. The sex is that much more amazing: The benefits of shaving your bikini line extend even into the bedroom. A majority of couples have said that a clean bikini line led to a more sexually satisfying romp in the hay (so to speak). Something about the area being that much smoother and softer to the touch apparently gets the old blood pumping, higher arousal and therefore a better experience overall.

We think taking the plunge and shaving your bikini line is definitely the way to go, let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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